So – here goes then…

It feels a bit strange to be writing this. I’ve not done anything like it before (unless you count the rather cringe-worthy attempt at haiku writing that was done in a wave of enthusiasm following a management development seminar – and I don’t); and I’m a little bit afraid that I haven’t got much to say that will be of interest to anybody else anyway.

So why am I doing this? Well, for two reasons really. Firstly, because I am now entering the phase of life that would qualify me as a contributor to those ‘grumpy old men’ TV programmes – you know, the ones where actors, musicians, politicians and the like moan about the state of the world, and how things were so much better in the days before satellite TV, social media and mobile phones (and then – without a hint of irony – encourage us to watch the repeats on Dave by tweeting about them from their iPhones). And to be perfectly honest, I have very little to be grumpy about. So in part, this will be my small contribution to redressing the balance.

Secondly (and immediately to contradict myself – something that happens quite a lot in my head, and is therefore likely to happen quite often here too), when I do get grumpy, I tend to get very grumpy. My grandad (a very wise man) always used to say “Better out than in” – usually immediately after noisily clearing his throat and depositing the product in a weed patch on his allotment. This probably makes this blog my weed patch; and my posts to it, the phlegm that otherwise threatens to clog up my thought processes.

And if that doesn’t make you want to come back for the next instalment, I don’t know what will!


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