One week down, three to go…

So – that’s the first week of NaBloPoMo complete. Seven posts done, twenty-two (after this one) to go. It’s been an interesting and diverse week content-wise. Starting with an introductory effort on 1st November (, topics covered have ranged from Strictly Come Dancing (, through a book review prompted by the South Wales football derby (, to a random trip through Wikipedia (

The middle of the week became a bit more political with an analysis of the vote : don’t vote arguments put forward in recent weeks by Robert Webb and Russell Brand respectively ( and a short (and admittedly quite acidic) piece on the decision of the UK government to end shipbuilding at Portsmouth (

The final entry of the first week was a plug for a joint BBC : Open University produced programme re-examining the data on world population growth, public health and education, that caused this blogger at least to explore his own preconceptions around the developed : developing world ‘received wisdom’ of the early twenty-first century (

What have I learned this week? That the discipline of writing a daily entry is both daunting and hugely rewarding; and that having some sort of forward plan would be really helpful! So – with that in mind – what can you look forward to next week? Well, that would be telling….!


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