Thirty out of thirty! Result…

So, thirty days – thirty posts. I’ve successfully completed my first National Blog Post Monthly (NaBloPoMo) challenge. If you’ve stayed with me all the way through the month – thank you very much; your support is hugely appreciated. If you’ve been irritated or moved to boredom by anything that I’ve posted here, then I am very sorry. I hope that (at least on one or two occasions) you’ve found something that has been interesting, challenging or has caused you to think about things in a slightly different way than might otherwise have been the case

For me, the discipline of posting each day has been something that I’ve actually come to enjoy – even if from time to time it’s been a challenge to find the time or to find the inspiration. I admit that I’ve become something of a ‘Stats Page’ addict, monitoring the number of views of the blog each day, and constantly surprised by the countries of origin of people who have visited during the month. During November, visitors from the US, Ukraine, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands have all called in. There have been over 400 views of the blog in total (more than the total for the previous three months put together) and daily visits have doubled on average from seven on November 1st to nearer fourteen up to yesterday

It’s been interesting to see the sorts of posts that have captured readers’ attention more than others. Surprisingly (to me at least) it’s been the stuff that has been most personal that has generated the most traffic. My tribute to my dad on his seventy-fifth birthday ( and my trip through the family photo album ( have been the most popular topics that I’ve written about. Intriguingly, the posts including some of my favourite poems have also been well-received

So – what about the future? Well, I will certainly keep working on the blog – but probably not every day. I doubt that you, dear reader, or I could keep up that sort of pace!


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