Where it Begins.

Excellent summary of the key issues relating to research ethics

path: ethic.

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while, because the topic is one which seems, on face value, to be fairly black and white, but like most ethical issues, when you start asking the questions, you realise that you’re painting with broad brushstrokes and ignoring the details. And that’s where the devil is, as we know.

Some weeks ago, I read about a company doing neuroscience research by experimenting on cockroaches. It involved attaching a ‘backpack’ consisting of a computer chip and transmitter, onto a live cockroach. Using an app and a mobile phone, a person could then control the cockroach’s left-right movements.

The BBC had picked up the story and was discussing the ethical implications of such an experiment. Now, I’ll admit, when I first read the headline, I thought, ‘well, it’s a cockroach, and we use animals for experimentation all the time.’ But then I read the…

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