Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leyton Orient – Sunday 29th December – League One

My guest post on Dan’s Groundhopping blog

Pearcey's Blog

So this Sunday saw me and Dan (the usual writer of this blog) on the way from Cardiff to Wolverhampton for a top of the table, League One clash between the Wanderers and Leyton Orient. This was my second visit Molineux, although my first for an actual football match. The last time I was there was for a management seminar on benchmarking in the National Health Service in about 1993 (As exciting as it sounds, Ed.) – shortly after the completion of the major redevelopment of the ground. This is not entirely irrelevant – the design of the redeveloped ground itself set the benchmark for the look and feel of many of the new and upgraded stadia that followed later in the 1990s and into the new century. Clear lines of sight (unfettered by stanchions); more generous milling areas beneath the stands, with plentiful catering and toilet facilities; and lots…

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