Cutting the ties

It’s been a big day for me today. A momentous decision has been made. Things will never be the same again. I can kid myself that it’s a trial separation – that we might patch things up again after a short time apart; but I know in my heart that it’s over. There’s no going back. We’ve grown apart and the best thing now for both of us, is to build new relationships – to look to the future – to accept that what we once had can never be regained. It’s been coming for a while. I’ve been tempted by others, and to be honest, I’ve found it harder and harder to resist their exotic attractions. This afternoon – finally – my resistance was broken. It felt tawdry and disloyal at first, but afterwards I knew that I’d made the right decision. To be honest, it was the offer to trim my eyebrows that sealed the deal. I’ve found a new barber’s, and I like it!


2 thoughts on “Cutting the ties

  1. Chris Pearce

    Where’s the loyalty, they’ve seen you through man & boy. Time will come when you’ll need your eyebrows trimmed too, Mr Healey😃😃

  2. blissinger

    It’s good now and then to change up things. Overgrown eyebrows age a man, as I’m sure your new barber mentioned. I think some guys take pride in them, like their mustaches (thinking here of Kurt Vonnegut).


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