All you need is cake

There are times when I have been pretty sure that I am the luckiest person in the world. I have felt this at various points in my life : when lying on a Skiathos beach looking up into the infinite blue of a cloudless sky, waves gently lapping the golden sand at the water’s edge; when sitting at a table a deux on the rive gauche in Paris sipping a cafe au lait and looking back towards Notre Dame; when standing wrapped up against the biting cold of an early winter’s evening, watching the fireworks in the sky above Cardiff Castle on November 5th.

However, these are all things that are available to anyone who is fortunate enough to be able to travel and has reasonably good health. Very occasionally, though, something happens that removes all possible doubt about the extent of my luckiness. Today was one of those days, when I arrived home this evening to find these sitting on the kitchen :

If Carling made cup cakes...

If Carlsberg made cupcakes…

At the end of another busy day, sometimes all you need is cake. Thanks Jo – they taste (amazingly) even better than they look!


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