Perspective and blessings

The tragic and sudden death of a young man who – to all outward appearances, had so much to live for – has made today about recalibrating a sense of perspective, and counting blessings. Seeing the pain caused to a loved one through the loss of a friend, is a sharp reminder that so much of what worries me is utterly trivial, and that I have taken for granted so much of what really matters.

Derek Mahon’s poem Leaves contains the following lines :

It is autumn, and dead leaves

On their way to the river

Scratch like birds at the windows

Or tick on the road.

Somewhere there is an afterlife

Of dead leaves,

A stadium filled with an infinite

Rustling and sighing.

Somewhere in the heaven

Of lost futures

The lives we might have led

Have found their own fulfilment.

There is a message of hope in the idea that the lives that we might have led are being fulfilled in some other dimension; that a tragic ending in the here and now might not be the end of the story. It is my hope that those currently struggling to make sense of today’s events, might at least find some comfort in that.


One thought on “Perspective and blessings

  1. Chris Pearce

    Lovely Andrew and we sincerely hope that young man’s family and his friends, especially the one very dear to us, can gain some comfort in knowing that there is another dimension where in time the inexplicable will be exchanged for clarity and the awful darkness of today will be
    made bright again. In the meantime, as is with a tale, “life is not how long it is, but how good it is” that is what matters and I’m sure, all who knew and loved this young man, will say “the boy did good” and give thanks for all the joy and love he brought into their lives.
    As for the rest of us, each new day is a gift and as long as we are spared all our days are precious.


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