blogging101 : Day 4

I read today’s task with a growing sense of trepidation : “We often create posts hoping that someone in particular will see and appreciate our work. Today, publish a post that you’d like that person to read – and stretch your blogging chops as you do”. The ‘stretching’ bit of the assignment is to incorporate a feature into the blog that hasn’t previously been included.

I decided to focus on the stretch element of the task first – largely because the question of who I write this blog for was too existential for me to even begin to get my head around. I’ve never embedded a tweet here previously, so I thought I’d give that a go. Amazingly, (and providing proof positive that the blogging gods are smiling down on my current efforts), about three entries in on my twitter homepage was this beauty :

And it was then that it hit me. I write this blog for anybody who – like me – is incapable of seeing a tweet like this and not immediately following the link to the news story to find out the details. (In summary, it involved the robbery of a man at 3am by a woman wearing a cowprint onesie, who then made off with two accomplices in a Volkswagen Golf car).

There are so many elements mixed up in the story – comedy, tragedy, drama, the absurd. There are so many questions – why was the woman driving around at 3am in a onesie in the first place? Why was the victim wondering around Belfast with a load of cash on him at that time? Was the victim known to the robbers? Was this the first such crime that they’ve committed or have there been udder ones? (Sorry – couldn’t resist!).

It seems to me that life is extraordinary – and that we all find extraordinariness in so many different ways and places. So I guess I write this stuff for you as a little glimpse into what has caught my attention and in the hope that what’s struck me as extraordinary might touch a nerve with you too.


2 thoughts on “blogging101 : Day 4

  1. SpiritFire

    I guess I am that person who asks all those questions. Thanks for great laugh. Who knew they made adult onesies? And in cow print?!?!


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