Michael Buble at the BBC

So this evening we’ve caught up with the Michael Buble programme that was broadcast on the BBC in the UK yesterday. Apparently he’s quite good looking (so Mrs P. says anyway – I don’t see it myself), but either way, he’s got a fantastic singing voice and is a peerless performer. We had the great privilege of seeing Buble perform live in Birmingham in December 2014, and he owned that stage – holding a packed arena in the palm of his hand from the first note to the last, some two hours later.

Watching the programme tonight has added poignancy given the news that has broken today that Buble’s three year old son has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment in the US. It’s tempting to fall into the trap of believing that celebrities are somehow immune from the challenges and traumas that afflict the rest of the population. In reality, of course, not only does ill-health make no distinction between those who are famous and those of us who are not, but for the famous, their battles with illness are played out in the full glare of media attention.

So this evening, as we sit and marvel at Buble the showman, out thoughts are with Michael the father, his wife, and little Noah as he undergoes treatment.


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