Lazy days and Sundays

A lazy Sunday. The first one for a while, and mostly I will be spending it mooching around. I use mooching here, in the UK-sense, meaning to loiter about aimlessly; rather than the US-sense of trying to get something for nothing. Obviously, that’s blagging, bit that’s for another time!

Mooching is deceptively difficult to achieve successfully if you’re in a long term relationship. To work effectively, there has to be fully synchronicity of mooching, without which one of you (usually me in our case) is simply being lazy.

Mooching should also not be confused with performing meaningful activity in a relaxed way. That’s simply stress-free achievement. Rather, mooching must give the impression that whatever is being done, is being done almost by accident, as if its the incidental by-product of really trying to do nothing at all. For example, you cannot go out to lunch on a mooching day, but if in the process of wandering around trying to not do anything, you happen to stroll into a pub that happens to be serving Sunday roasts, then its perfectly ok to eat there whilst remaining within the rules of mooch.

The same applies to blogging about mooching. I had no idea what this blog was going to be about at the outset, other than some vague notion of wanting to write something about lazy Sundays. And here I am, 229 words later, aimlessly jotting down thoughts that would otherwise have been loitering around in my head.

Anyway, that’ll do for now. I’m off to accidentally wander into the pub to see if they happen, by any remote chance, to have any roast beef on the go.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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