Shut up and write!

I am writing this blog during a “Shut up and write!” session in the Hall of Residence that I am responsible for at the University of Bristol. The concept is straightforward and simple (you can see more details here : In essence, you arrange for a suitable space (ideally with access to good coffee, and lots of power sockets), and invite whoever wants to, to come along and spend some quality time writing, editing, organizing lecture notes, researching etc.. in silence. Every twenty-five minutes or so, there is a break for refreshments and socializing, before returning to the next writing session. The aim is to make writing a social event, rather than a solitary exercise.

It’s fair to say that the concept hasn’t fired the imaginations of the student residents here in quite the way that I might have hoped. To be brutally honest, as things stand (ten minutes into the first session) I’ve succeeded only in making writing a solitary exercise in a very big room. I hope though that as term progresses, and as deadlines for essays and other written work approach, there will be some students who will find this useful.

In the meantime, I’ve got a load of e-mails backed up that need sorting out, and a whole selection box of nice biscuits to get through! (But don’t tell Mrs P.!)

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