Retail therapy? Torture more like

Why on earth do people go into city centres at this time of year? Today, I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with Charlotte and Joanna, and that’s been great. But we spent it in the centre of Manchester with what seemed like millions of others all ostensibly Christmas shopping. In reality, we were mostly shuffling from shop to shop, elbowing our way through the throng to get close enough to the items that we were interesting in buying, and then queueing in long lines for the privilege of sealing the deal. Our trip was mostly successful, and we’ve managed to tick a few things off the list of presents that need to be bought before 25th December. But it’s hardly a relaxing and life-affirming experience. As someone who tends to go shopping only when I have a clear idea of what’s needed, from where, and at what price, ‘browsing’ doesn’t come naturally (surely that’s what the internet is for?). But the concept of browsing when the things you’re looking at don’t feature at all on any list of things needed (scented candles at £43 a pop, anyone?) is so alien to me that I don’t think I’ll ever completely understand it. On the plus side, we are at least back in the hotel in time for the Spanish football… 😉


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