I am a fifty-something husband to Charlotte and father of two children (who shall remain nameless to save them from embarrassment and me from physical injury – I’m not kidding, my daughter is pretty scary!). I work as a University Manager in Bristol. Having spent two years living in student accommodation at Bristol as part of the pastoral care team, I am now back in my own house in Cardiff and enjoying the daily commute.

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  1. Jan Williams

    I came across your blog whilst researching the Bowley family. Fanny Bowley was my great grandmother and Theo was a distant cousin. I have recently received a photograph of great aiunt Cissie’s golden wedding anniversary celebrations. Theo was a close friend of Percival Harry ( her husband) and he was best man at their wedding. Both had links with Bridgend Street Mission.
    I enjoyed reading your memories of trips to Roath Park following church. I was also taken to Roath Park after attending Tredegarville Baptist church.
    Congratulations on your first piece of creative writing. My father’s cousin has also written several poems and a children’s book which I have been trying to persuade her to publish.
    Unfortunately I do not remember anyone from the Bowley family. Fanny Bowley married Frederick William Evans. My distant memories are of the Evans family, several of whom lived in Plasnewydd Road.


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