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Sorting through the archives – digital memories

I’ve been sorting through photographs on my computer this afternoon as part of some long overdue housekeeping. Inevitably, though, the housekeeping has given way to spending far too long looking at the photos and not nearly enough time actually sorting out the files and putting them into neat folders!

It did act as a great inspiration for today’s post though, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you, and explain why (even though the photos aren’t technically the best ones you’ll ever see) they mean so much to me


These first two show our kids developing their snooker skills on a table at Center Parcs. To be honest (and they won’t thank me for this) they look much better at snooker in a photograph than they would if this was video! We’ve been visiting Center Parcs pretty much annually since just after the eldest was born (so 19 years now) and we are already looking forward to our next trip in early January. I know Center Parcs is not everybody’s cup of tea (and the accusation that it’s just a middle class Butlin’s has more than a grain of truth to it) but it suits us down to the ground! What’s really good is the fact that the way that we have enjoyed our visits has grown up with the kids. Early visits were spent watching them at soft play, gaining confidence in the toddler swimming pools, and climbing over the adventure playground equipment. As they grew, they took advantage of the opportunity to learn scuba diving, archery, or play their first games of badminton and soft tennis. Now, they pretty much set their own agendas, allowing Charlotte and me to book a session in the spa suite, or simply enjoy an extended coffee and newspaper break. Of course, some things don’t change – we still have to get in our late night swim in the outdoor pool, lying back in the warm water and looking up at the moon and stars!


This one was taken during a holiday to Paris. It is in the courtyard of the Louvre Museum and Gallery. I love Paris – and everything about it. I love the fact that its small and easy to navigate around; I love the beauty of the architecture and the amazing views that seem to pop up from around every corner. I love the food, the culture, the buzz – but most of all I love the Parisians. They live and work in the most beautiful city in the world, and they know it – and they make no excuses about it! I’ve been lucky to visit on five occasions now, and each time the experience is unique and exciting. And if you do get the chance, I highly recommend arriving at the Gare du Nord on Eurostar from St Pancras


And finally for now, a great photo of Charlotte, taken at Raglan Castle during a road trip that we took to celebrate our anniversary a couple of years’ ago. This photo is a rarity – I don’t have many of her on her own (she normally insists that all photos are subject to rigorous quality control before they’re allowed to be kept, and very few make it through the vetting process!) I’ve been incredibly lucky to have found someone who makes me as happy as Charlotte does. We’ll have been married for 25 years next year and the time has flown by. To even things up, I’ve included the photo that also serves as my avatar for this blog. I was bought the flying lesson as a Christmas present and it was great fun (although I did feel as sick as a dog by the time we landed!)