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Analysis of a week in the life of an operations manager

A loss of power
Gives voice to the powerless:
Vindicates concerns;

Denying the truth
Works well as a strategy
Until the cracks show.

Waiting long enough
Creates space for those who know
To cry : Told you so!

Lack of investment
Creates the compelling need
For radical change.

When two distinct melodies
Join in harmony.

It’s that time of the year again!

November 1st. All Saints Day. Fifty-five days until Christmas. And the first day of NaBloPoMo 2016. In case you’re not aware, NaBloPoMo is the insider’s short-hand for National Blog Post Month – the annual challenge that encourages bloggers to post something (anything!) every day for the month of November. That’s thirty consecutive days of blogging. If this fills you, dear reader, with dread, then please accept my apologies in advance.

In truth, I’m really looking forward to the challenge this year. The last 12 months has been one of enormous change for me at a personal and professional level, and I will be reflecting on that in the coming weeks. I’m also looking forward to the discipline that NaBloPoMo imposes to get some writing done. Things have been so busy in recent months that finding the time to properly maintain this blog has been next to impossible. I’ve missed it.

These are ‘interesting times’ in so many ways. The fallout from the UK’s referendum on EU membership continues to divide opinion and fuel uncertainty. The US Presidential election in seven days’ time will be a watershed moment whatever the outcome. It’s hard to imagine that the outcome (whichever way it goes) will lead to a healing of the bitter divisions that have been laid bare through the campaign. That will be damaging for the US but will also have knock-on effects throughout the world. Uniting both the UK referendum and the US presidential campaign has been the emergence of what is now being referred to as ‘post fact’ or ‘post truth’ politics – typified by a deep cynicism towards a perceived ruling elite, and a contempt for expert and rational analysis. Prejudice, feelings, paranoia, conspiracy theories – all have somehow become as important as fact, thought, experience in the political discourse. The implications of this for the future of politics and political processes are only now starting to be fully considered. This is something that I may return to after the election on 8th November.

It won’t be all politics and heavy stuff though. There’ll be football to write about after the mighty Wales take on Serbia on 12th November; and there’s all that change stuff to bring you up to speed on as things fall into place during the first half of the month.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this NaBloPoMo as much as I intend to!