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It’s clearly a matter of common sense

Air travel is statistically very safe. The chances of death on a commercial flight run by a European or North American airline are incredibly remote – somewhere in excess of 1 in 7 million. That’s very reassuring and is a tribute to years of research and advances in engineering, training and safety procedures at airline manufacturers, airports and air traffic control centres. Admittedly, very large aircraft still look as though the last place they should possibly be is 35,000 feet up in the air, but that’s just our feeble, emotional, irrational anxieties overcoming our logical, scientific, reasoning intellect.

And then a story like this one hits the news. To summarise, US fighter jets based at UK airbases were involved in 19 near misses with non-military planes in the past 5 years, and the main recommendation for ensuring future safety is……

…… to keep the glass in the aircraft cockpit clean!


Now, I don’t know about you, but I get really twitchy if the windscreen on my car gets a bit smeary. I hate it if I allow the washer reservoir to run dry and I can’t clean the windscreen as I drive along. In fairness, though, it’s rare for that to ever get to the point where my vision is so compromised that I can’t see everything around in perfect clarity. And my car doesn’t travel at 500 miles per hour 1200 feet off the ground.

I get that these fighter jets are equipped with all sorts of digitally enhanced displays and that radar and other devices keep the pilot aware of her/his position at all times. But I’ve got sensors on the back of my car that tell me if I’m getting too close when parking. It doesn’t mean that I don’t also look where I’m going!

I guess the serious point is that no matter how good the technology is, sometimes there is no substitute for human reactions and the application of common sense. Maybe something that we will need to bear in mind as we spend the Chancellor’s £500m developing driverless cars as well.