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Linking William of Orange to Hotel Babylon – 6 degrees of Wiki-separation

Wikipedia is often criticised for the inaccuracies that can be found in its massive database of entries, and certainly it shouldn’t be relied upon as the sole source for any important fact. It is a great way of occupying a spare half hour though, and it’s quite good fun to play a Wikipedia-themed version of six degrees of separation, where you follow links on from entries and see where you end up

Today, I started with William III of Orange for no other reason than it is the anniversary of his birthday. ‘King Billy’ was born on 4th November 1650 and died at Kensington Palace on 8th March 1702. In between times, he deposed King James II to accede to the unified throne of England, Scotland and Ireland in 1689

Kensington Palace is the official London residence of William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and their recently Christened son, George. In addition, it is used “on an unofficial basis” by Zara Phillips. Evidently, ‘squatting’ is too vulgar a term to use where Royals are sleeping in unoccupied premises!

Zara Phillips’ godmother is Lady Helen Stewart, wife of the former Formula 1 racing driver, Sir Jackie, who struggled during his school career as a result of undiagnosed dyslexia

Another dyslexic who initially suffered at school is TV presenter and extreme sports participant, Ben Fogle. As well as putting himself through significant pain and discomfort during Atlantic rows and Antarctic expeditions, Fogle also made a cameo appearance in the BBC drama series, Hotel Babylon

Why not see where your own travels through Wikipedia take you, and post your results in the comments section?